Pour Service 
Beer & wine only + Mobile Bar
$5 per person + $100 per hour for bar rental.
Includes: 1 bartender, Ice (1lb. per person/per hr.), cups (toss ware), straws, & cocktail napkins. We staff 1 bartender per 75 guests. 
Want to hook up a keg? We charge an additional $150 per keg to hook up.  Max amount of kegs we will hook up is 2. 
We understand that kegs can be more cost effective when serving a larger crowd, but here are some things to consider before deciding to purchase:
1. Does your venue allow kegs? Check with them first, because some do not. 
2. How will you transport the keg to the venue? Smooth transportation is vital to the health of your keg. 
3. Will you be able to keep the keg cold until the bar arrives? We do require it.  
What goes into it for us? 
A significant increase in ice to keep the kegs cool
More cups
Lifting and moving kegs 
Cleaning draft lines 
Pour Service +Mixers + Mobile Bar
Starting @ $7 per person
+ $100 per hour for mobile bar rental 
Includes: 1 bartender, Ice (1lb per person/ per hr.), cups (toss ware), cocktail napkins, straws,  up to 4 classic mixers, &  up to 3 different classic garnish choices. 
We staff 1 bartender per 75 guests. Additional mixers and garnishes can be added for an additional fee. 
Submit a contact form with details of your event for a custom quote. 
 Craft Cocktail Service - 2 for $200
 Can be added to our mixers +mobile bar package.  With our years of experience we will create a custom cocktail tailored to our clients taste. This fee covers the time and cost of ingredients for the bartender to experiment and perfect the drinks before your event.  Included in this price is a private tasting of your cocktail before your event. 
Specialty Bar
(Such as; mimosas, margaritas, etc.)
Fill out contact form and request a quote.
Mocktail Service
  Starting @ $8 per person 
Fill out contact form to request a quote
Mobile Bar DIY
 $500 for 8 hours of mobile bar usage. This is a complete DIY package. If you need coolers additional charges will be added.
If serving alcohol from bar - must be TABC certified and insured. 
This package is ideal for my backyard wedding/ party planners or couples who really want the esthetic of a mobile bar, but the venue does not allow outside bartending services. You can rent the mobile bar and have their bartenders serve from it.  
*only available in select areas. 
Mobile Bar Rental w/ 1 bartender 
Another DIY option!! We are continuously trying to meet the needs of our clients and make affordable packages for everyone. 
This package will include: The mobile bar, 1 bartender, we will bring all of our  basic bartending tools (wine bottle openers, shakers, jiggers, muddlers, bottle openers, ) and you provide the rest.  Does not include cooler rental. 
Cooler rental available for $35 per cooler.
$700 for 4 hours of service. Additional hours are $140 per hour. 
  We staff 1 bartender per 75 guests. 
Coffee Bar 
Fill out contact form to request a quote
Non-Alcoholic drink station
$2.00 per person  
Choose up to 4 different ones: bottled water, canned sodas, iced tea, lemonade, sparkling waters. This also includes additional ice needed. 
Coffee Setup
$3.50 per person
Includes: coffee, coffee cups, stirrers, sugar, creamer (choose 2 flavors)
Table side wine service
$100  (1 server) 
Server will keep the wine flowing during events sit down meal, so your guests can stay seated and enjoy their dinner. 
Satellite bar
Great option that can be set up inside your venue to be added to your table side wine service. 
Champagne Tower - Champagne Toast Service 
Flambé Coffee Service

Mr. Whiskers

Whiskey Tricycle 

Available February 2021

More details coming soon!

Every event is unique and we would love to work up a custom quote for your individual needs. Please submit the form below for a formal quote and someone will get back with you within 24 hours of your request. 



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There is no shortage of beverage recipes available to those who would seek them out, but never before have so many event-tested recipes from actual event bar professionals been curated together in one place.

The recipes you'll find in these pages have been provided by over 50 mobile bar owners from around the world, and have been taste tested — not by professionals — but by hundreds, if not thousands of event attendees—proving that your opinion is the one that truly matters.

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Owner: Heather Brack 

Email: wildponyexpressbar@gmail.com